China reports one human case of H3N8 Bird Flu

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China has reported a human case of  H3N8 Bird Flu virus in Guangdong province.  The case was a 56-year old woman who had been exposed to live poultry before the disease occured.

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The H3N8 virus that causes human infection originates from chickens, a typical spillover. The virus is a triple reassortment strain with the Eurasian avian H3 gene, North American avian N8 gene, and dynamic internal genes of the H9N2 viruses.

This is the third known detected case of the H3N8 virus in humans this year and all the cases were detected in China. Nevertheless, no abnormal signs have been reported in those who have been in close contact yet.

Infected birds have avian flu virus in their saliva, mucous, and feces and humans can have contact with avian flu virus when a person touches a surface with virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.