COP28: Minister of Transportation Pledges Bold Action Against Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Shiktra Shalangwa

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The Transportation Minister Sa’idu Alkali has declared Nigeria’s staunch commitment to proactively confronting the pressing issue of greenhouse gas emissions stemming from the transportation sector.
The minister made the commitment at the ongoing COP28 Summit in the United Arab Emirates, according to a statement signed and issued by the Special Assistant (Public Affairs) to the Transportation Minister, Jamilu Ja’afaru.

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With a steadfast focus on promoting sustainable and low-carbon transportation solutions, Minister Alkali outlined Nigeria’s ambitious objective to not only combat climate change but also to expand mobility options for all Nigerians.
Extending an earnest invitation to all stakeholders, the minister called for a united front in the pursuit of a more sustainable and climate-resilient transportation sector, underscoring the potential benefits for the entire nation.
Amidst the ongoing COP28, Minister Alkali’s resounding message resonates as a testament to Nigeria’s resolve to address environmental concerns, particularly within the realm of transportation.
This bold stance serves as a rallying call for collaboration and innovation, positioning Nigeria at the forefront of sustainable development within the transportation industry.