EU, US monitoring peace implementation in Ethiopia’s Tigray

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The EU Foreign Policy Chief has said that the EU and the US were monitoring the implementation of the peace agreement in Ethiopia and will only gradually restore their relations with Addis Ababa.

“First of all, in Ethiopia, this was a major crisis and now, fortunately, things start to move toward solving it. That’s one of the rare good news that we have in the world. And to sustain the current progress, the EU and the US must continue working hand in hand”. (…) “The message to both the government of Ethiopia and the Tigrayans is to make them understand that we are watching the settling of the conflict and will only normalize our relation in a gradual way, step by step”, said Josep Borrell, EU Foreign Policy Chief.

A peace agreement signed on 2nd November 2022 in Pretoria ended two years of brutal conflict in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray between federal government forces and rebels of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The conflict has claimed some 500,000 lives according to the United States.