Experts call for government legislation to address cybercrime, privacy breaches

Na'ankwat Dariem, Abuja

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Experts in the tech ecosystem have called for government legislation to address cybercrime, privacy breaches in Nigeria.

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They made the call during the recent graduation of 143 students in varied information technology-related courses at Bafuto Institute of Management and Information Technology in Lagos,state, South-West, Nigeria.

In a statement, the Director of Studies, Mr Adekunle Banjo, said, “In a world increasingly defined by technology, we must also acknowledge its dark side.

The prevalent use of technology for malicious purposes is a concern that cannot be ignored. Cybercrime, misinformation, and privacy breaches are significant challenges that our society faces today.The reason we have chosen to address the negative impact of technology is that we recognize the need to equip our graduates with the awareness and responsibility to use their technological knowledge for the greater good. It is essential to navigate the digital landscape with ethics and integrity, and our graduates are poised to lead the way in this regard”,He stressed.

Banjo further urged the government to give necessary support through legislation, policies, and enabling environment for entrepreneurs to succeed in the economy.

We also appeal to the government and policymakers to extend their support to small and medium-sized enterprises. These businesses, often started by young entrepreneurs, are essential drivers of economic growth and job creation” ,He added.