Experts Seek More Investment in Nigeria’s Transport and Logistics Sector

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Experts have underscored the urgent need for the Federal Government to focus on Nigeria’s logistics, courier, and transport sector valued at over N3tn.

They made this disclosure at the Courier and Logistics Management Institute conference and investiture which was held in Lagos, with the theme, “Logistics Solutions and National Infrastructure Development.”

The CLMI Executive Chairman, Prof. Simon Emeje, emphasised that the field of courier, logistics, and transport management had not received the attention it needed from the Nigerian government, as the sector remained relatively untapped on a global scale.

He said, “Any country that does not pay attention to logistics, courier and transport sector cannot survive. The government must not ignore this sector because it is the bedrock of any economy,” he said.

“The logistics, courier, transport, and management industry command an average asset worth over N3tn, presenting substantial potential for job creation.”

Emeje emphasised that commerce was crippled without logistics.

He said, “Imagine a manufacturer that manufactures goods but has no logistics to distribute or deliver them to the end users.”

He explained the multifaceted contributions of logistics to commerce, including; facilitating trade and enhancing the supply chain to creating jobs and propelling economic growth.

He argued that despite its undeniable significance, the Nigerian logistics sector faces hindrances such as infrastructural deficits and weak government policies, preventing it from reaching its full potential.

Emeje’s call for immediate attention echoes the sector’s crucial role in sustaining and fostering economic prosperity.

“So, the take-home here is that the government should look into this industry, because it’s an important industry, one with the capability to create millions of employment opportunities for our youths.”

The former Minister of Communications, Barr. Adebayo Shittu, urged the institute to draft a comprehensive proposal for government adoption, offering assistance in facilitating engagement.

Emphasising the sector’s significance, he, along with Prof. Emeje, called on the Federal Government to establish a dedicated ministry to foster an enabling environment for Courier and Logistics Management, drawing parallels to the recognition given to the entertainment industry.




Punch/Hauwa Abu