Ghana: African Soldiers train in US counterterrorism exercises

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A group of African soldiers have been selected to participating in an annual U.S. military-led counterterrorism exercise.

The Flintlock 2023 drills, a two-week training, are being staged in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The troops were in Accra, on board Spanish navy ship Audaz US Major DeMarco explained the benefits of such training.

“The benefits to Ghana and its neighbouring countries from this specific training is it not only prepares our African partner nations for maritime security operations but it also fosters the interoperability and collective security that we are trying to aim for with exercise Flintlock.”

Thursday’s training saw troops learning how to conduct anti-piracy operations.

Spain’s ambassador to Ghana deemed the partnership with West African countries strategic adding that “events in the region have direct impact on Europe.”

“We have been cooperating for many years and with counties like Ghana, we are contributing to facing common challenges like terrorists and piracy and at the same time building local capacities. We believe that these are activities for mutual benefits of both parties and we’re cooperating with our partners like Ghana.”

Terrorist insurgencies have destabilized countries in the region like Burkina Faso and Mali.

The training will run until 15th March, 29 nations and over a thousand personnel will be participating in Flintlock 2023.

Flintlock, U.S. Africa Command’s largest annual special operations exercise has taken place annually since 2005.


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