Ghana, capital market operators agree on domestic debt exchange

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Ghana’s government and the Ghana Securities Industry Association (GSIA) have reached an understanding on the terms of participation by capital market operators in the country’s domestic debt exchange (DDE) programme, they said.

Crisis-hit Ghana has to restructure its mountain of debt in order to access a relief package from the International Monetary Fund but a deadline for bondholders to sign up to the DDE programme has already been pushed back several times.

Under the new agreement, capital market operators will participate in the exchange programme on the same “improved terms” agreed with banks earlier this week.

“GSIA believes this agreement is necessary to restore market normalcy and confidence in the economy,” the statement said.

Ghana needs around 80% of bondholders to sign up for the DDE program.

Registration has already been extended three times, with a current deadline of 31st January, in an attempt to convince hesitant bondholders who are concerned about lack of clarity surrounding the terms of the deal.