Health Council Partners 3DATX On Vehicular Emission Testing


The Environmental Health Council of Nigeria, EHCON, says it is partnering with 3DATX Africa, a US based organisation on vehicular emission testing.

Dr Yakubu Baba, Registrar of EHCON, stated this at a media dialogue on the de-carbonisation control measure on Friday in Abuja.

He said that the partnership would ensure an emission free society and safeguard the health of the populace.

Baba said the essence of vehicular testing, a technological device provided by 3DATX, was to protect the health of humans.

According to him, the objective of vehicular testing technology was to reduce emission to the barest minimum to mitigate the effect of climate change.

He said the project been piloted in Abuja has so far tested no fewer than 100 vehicles at no cost.

This is a very important instrument, and Nigeria is the first to start benefiting in the whole of Africa.

The beauty of the technology is after identifying the problem the company, and council will also come up with a solution base to make all the Nigerian vehicles emission-free.

“This will enable the country to meet global standards on emission free vehicles.

We need to collaborate so that we can be able to face the issue of climate change squarely because we have seen the effect.

“ We also want to make Nigeria benefit from the incentive that is within the UN framework,” he said.

He described vehicular testing technology as significant in the history of environmental health in the country.

Baba said EHCON had an agreement with the company in four areas, which included research and development.

Another segment of our agreement with the company is to develop the capacity of our practitioners, which are over 40,000 across the country so that the state government will follow suit.

“The last segment of our relationship is where we can be able to create advocacy to Nigerians on the importance of ensuring  that they make their vehicle available for assessment and inspection through this technology, ” he said.

Earlier, Matthew Suleiman, General Manager, 3DATX Corporation, identified the device as highly sophisticated for measuring emission gases coming out from vehicles.

He explained that it can be used on generator and has temperature adjustment that processes the gas.

The whole system is controlled while it is connected to the laptop, so we have software that will show us real time the emissions coming out from the car.

“We are measuring particles, carbonmonoxide, sulphur among others coming out from the vehicle depending on the configuration of the devices, ” he said.



NAN/Shakirat Sadiq

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