Human Rights Commission Probes Abuses of Protests In Kenya

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The government-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, KNCHR has said it is documenting allegations of human rights violations committed during the Monday demonstration.

In a statement, the commission called on the government’s police watchdog to investigate reports of vandalism, arrests, injuries, and use of live fire by police officers.

“Police officers should be able to isolate and arrest violent protesters who are in breach of peace and at the same time protect those who are innocent during the demonstrations,” the Commission said.
The Commission further affirms that any human rights violation or abuse in the context of these demonstrations must be investigated promptly, thoroughly, and impartially.

The Commission warned demonstrators against taking advantage of the protests to destroy property, harm others and loot saying it could lead to criminal offences.

Report says the protests against the high cost of living and alleged electoral malpractices turned violent in several opposition strongholds, including parts of Nairobi and the country’s west.


BBC/Christopher Ojilere

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