Intn’l Tolerance Day 2022: World Leaders urged to prioritize tolerance  

Salihu Ali, Abuja. 

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Leaders across the globe have been urged to prioritize tolerance in governance by promoting peaceful coexistence among the people

The World peace President Ambassador Per Stafsen, gave the advice in Abuja at an event to mark International Tolerance Day 2022, with the theme, ‘’History, Significance, and Quotes.”

Ambassador Stafsen also called on people of the World to practice and preach tolerance, as well as to “ensure tolerance becomes part of our daily lives.” 

He said, “we cannot achieve sustainable peace without tolerating each other and indeed we cannot even have peace with justice.”

Stafsen noted that it is a priority for the organization as an international association to promote tolerance and ensure that every person is reminded of its significance.

With Nigeria preparing for elections, the World Peace President called on the political class and Nigerians to promote peace and tolerance.

He said that Nigeria is hosting the event in view of its peaceful political transmissions.

“The association recognized the peaceful handing over of government by Former President Good luck and his relationship with President Muhammadu Bahari.” Stafsen said.

Also, the Director International Association of World Peace Advocates IAWPA Professor Chidi Ehiriodo believes that tolerance is a great instrument to peacebuilding.

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Also, speaking, to a Peace Ambassador from Ghana Mr. Isaac Odenyame, It is the right time for Africa and the World to realize tolerance.

He said Peacebuilding is tolerance building emphasizing the need for positive tolerance among people.

Mr. Isaac noted that Conservatism in leadership is the reason tolerance is not achieved in Africa.

He urged Africans to learn to accept criticism as doing so will help in building a better society.

The goal of International Day for Tolerance is to get people to appreciate the beauty of many viewpoints, ethnicities, faiths, and ideologies while also recognizing the cultural diversity that exists.

Awards were presented to tolerant champions from across Africa.


Zainab Sa’id

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