Kenya Vows Action To Stop Anarchy Amid Protests

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Kenya Vows Action To Stop Anarchy Amid Protests

The interior ministry of Kenya has said the country is on the brink of chaos, a situation the ministry describe as ‘a grave danger to the rule of law and the stability of our country”.

The ministry has vowed lately to deploy a robust police presence to stop what it called a descent into “irretrievable anarchy”, ahead of more opposition protests planned for today.

There have been several violent confrontations over recent days between supporters of the opposition politician, Raila Odinga, and the police.

Mr Odinga has called for the demonstrations twice a week – Monday and Thursdays – to protest against the high cost of living and what he calls the need for electoral justice after last year’s election.

Since the protest started, atleast two people have been killed with 85 civilians and 51 police officers injured, according to the interior ministry. Private properties have been damaged and looted, and a church and mosque burnt in the ensuing chaos.
The former president Uhuru Kenyatta family’s farm was invaded by looters and a gas cylinder factory linked to Mr Odinga was also vandalised.

“The current portrait of anarchy and the unfolding criminal madness must stop… Any aggravation of the prevailing situation would certainly set back the country. We must halt the descent,” the interior ministry said.

BBC/Jide Johnson.

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