Lagos State: Action Alliance Cautions Politicians Against Ethnic Rivalry  

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Ahead of the forthcoming governorship and House of Assembly elections scheduled for 18th March, 2023 the Action Alliance (AA) in Lagos state has urged politicians and their followers to avoid ethnic rivalry in their electioneering.

Alhaji Nureni Ayinla-Oniru, the Lagos State Chairman of the party, made the appeal while speaking with source following some ethnic campaigns and tension between the Yorubas and Igbos (the two out of Nigeria’s three dominant ethnic groups) in the state ahead of the March 18 polls.

Alhaji Nureni Ayinla-Oniru, Chairman, Action Alliance (AA), Lagos State Chapter.


Ayinla-Oniru, who noted that nothing could be achieved in an atmosphere of hatred and bitterness among various ethnic nationalities resident in the state, stressed the need for all political gladiators not to ignite violence but tread with caution.

“Hate, fake news and profiling of some candidates by some politicians will not help anyone.

“Politicians should not heat up the polity with ethnic bigotry. We should avoid anything that can result in ethnic crisis.

“If we don’t manage this trend ahead of the elections, it can cause mayhem that will affect the masses beyond imagination.

“When trouble comes, the children of those fanning hate and instigating violence will not be there,” he appealed.

He noted that Igbos and Hausas had been part of government in Lagos state and had their rights in the state.

Ayinla-Oniru said that the co-existence of indigenes and non-indigenes in the state had been symbiotic.

The chairman described as political propaganda the narrative that a particular ethnic nationality wanted to take over the state.

“It is a lie that some people will take over Lagos. We should not be deceived,” he added.

He said that that the Action Alliance (AA) had enticing welfare packages for the masses, urging the electorate to vote for the party as against other major political parties.

He promised that the party would tackle challenges in transportation, health, education, unemployment and transparency in governance, assuring that only the AA had the interest of the masses at heart.

“The residents of the state need to consider the AA gubernatorial candidate, Mr Tope Balogun, as best option for the topmost seat, being a young man.

“The candidate is ready to use his IT expertise to make the state compete favourably in the comity of nations,” said the AA party chairman.

Noting that only one party had been ruling the state since 1999, Ayinla-Oniru observed that there would not be any difference in the condition of the masses, if the state’s ruling party is given another term.

The chairman opined that dominant political parties could not deliver the yearnings of the people because of godfatherism, except the AA whose slogan is “Let the masses live”.

“We appeal to Lagos residents to be deep in their thinking before making choices in the forthcoming elections. Let the masses support us,” he urged.




NAN/ Amaka E. Nliam

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