Malian Military Junta Presents New Constitution

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Malian Military Junta, Colonel Assimi Goita, has met with religious leaders, politicians, and civil society, in order to promote the newly drafted constitution.

“It is now up to you to make this work your own. Above all, you are expected to disseminate it widely and explain it to the population.

“Malians in all parts of our country and abroad need to be informed about the developments and progress of the draft constitution,” he said.

Report says this Constitution is the starting point of the vast reform project initiated by the transitional authorities in Mali for the return to civilian power.

“We must work together so that the Malian people, with full knowledge of the facts, take ownership of the draft constitution and adopt it by a large majority. We will then have taken a decisive step in the process of rebuilding our state,” added Colonel Assimi Goita.

Meanwhile, the referendum for its adoption was previously scheduled to be held on March 19, but since Friday, March 10, the authorities have announced its postponement to a later date arguing there is a delay in the distribution of new biometric identity cards and that the National electoral body wasn’t fully operational.


AFRICANEWS/Christopher Ojilere




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