Marburg Virus: Africa CDC deploys support team to Tanzania

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In response to the outbreak of the Marburg Virus in the Republic of Tanzania, the African Union through the Africa CDC on wednesday said it is deploying a support team of experts to Tanzania to assist the response efforts in the country. The African Union made the announcement on twitter following the press release on the website .




“Africa CDC remains committed to support Tanzania and her neighbours to arrest this outbreak as soon as possible. We urge members of the public to continue sharing information in a timely manner with the authorities to enable a most effective response. These emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are a sign that the health security of the continent needs to be strengthened to cope with the disease threats.”  The Ag Director of Africa CDC, Ahmed Ogwell Ouma said.

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According to the Africa CDC, the Ministry of Health has deployed rapid response teams to support further investigations. Also active case search, case management and risk communication are ongoing in affected communities.

Africa CDC also said it is in communications with the Ministry of Health of Tanzania to understand the cross-border context of the outbreak as this would guide regional surveillance strategies in containing the outbreak. Currently, two African Union Member States (Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania) are reporting active MVD outbreaks.


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