Medical Expert decries high Rate of Infertility In Men

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Medical professionals who converged in Lagos for the 5th edition of Parah Fertility Conference have raised the alarm over the growing rate of infertility in men. The program was organised by Parah Family Foundation in Lagos, with the theme: “Navigating through Infertility in the 21st Century”,  professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Lagos State University, Adeniyi Adewunmi, disclosed this at the conference.

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Adewunmi, who was the lead speaker at the conference and also a consultant at the Institute of Fertility Medicine, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), expressed worry over the increased cases of infertility in men, saying the apprehension emanates from his professional day-to-day experience and statistic review.

According to him, male infertility indicates a problem with a man’s reproductive system, which makes him unable to impregnate a female.He said it was a misconception for people to always believe that the issue of infertility could only affect or be caused by a female.He added “Research findings show that more men are suffering from infertility than ever. And some of its causes were as a result of smoking, alcohol intake, drugs, obesity, past or present testicular infections, exposure to environmental toxins, exposure of the testicles to excessive heat, hormonal disorders, testicular trauma and ejaculatory/erectile disorders, among others”.

Another fertility expert, Dr. Olufemi Omololu, who is the Chief Medical Director (CMD), Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, also corroborated Professor Adewunmi’s position on the growing rate of infertility in men.

While the CMD of Lifeline Fertility Clinic, Dr. Kemi Ailoje, charged intending couples to live life devoid of stress and anxiety in the course of their waiting to be blessed with a child, and advised them to be closer to God and have faith in Him, noting that there is nothing impossible for God to do.