Minister urges Politicians to stop discrediting Nigeria

By Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos

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Politicians can win elections in Nigeria without necessarily damaging the image of the country in the global community.

Nigeria’s Minister for Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola said this at the annual lecture of the “The Niche” newspapers held in Lagos on Thursday.

The lecture themed “2023 Elections and the future of Nigeria’s Democracy”, x-rayed the myriad of challenges facing Democratic practices in the country as well as some of the gains there from.

Mr. Fashola who was the guest speaker at the event wondered why Nigerians seemingly applaud only negative developments and issues that demean the image of Nigeria and its efforts as a growing third world country.

He said; “We can do elections without disrobing our country before the global community, elections and Democracy should be a feast of ideas and choices that brings out the best in us and also the best of our country.”

The Minister called on Nigerians to change the narratives and conversations they exchange across all medium and platforms,  to project the image of the country positively within the comity of nations.

Elder Statesman Alhaji Tanko Yakasai who chaired the lecture identified military incursion into politics as the precursor to centralization of government activities, a move which heralded a major decline in the growth and development of the then regional governments.

Alhaji Yakasai advocated a possible return of power to a revised sub regional government structure to address the lull in development, ensure effective management and deployment of resources and speed up infrastructural growth which will in turn engender economic prosperity for all.



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