Morocco earthquake: volunteer doctors mobilized in devastated regions

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In Ineghede, southwest Morocco, eleven volunteer doctors have been tirelessly working for days in the mountainous area that is difficult to access.

The Moroccan Health and Social security ministry has mobilized over 2,000 general and specialist doctors and nurses as well as over 300 tonnes of medicines for regions affected by the Al-Haouz earthquake.

“We’ve been here since the third day, between the second and third day (after the) earthquake. We’ve seen a lot of trauma, a lot of wounds, apart from chronic illnesses that weren’t monitored during the days that the douar (editor’s note: village) was hit by the earthquake,” emergency physician Achraf Azouz said.

“There are hypertensives, diabetics, several chronic illnesses that are not monitored. But most of the time, we take care of people with serious wounds and traumas.”

Moroccan authorities reported 2,946 deaths and several thousand injuries as of 13th September.

If a new chapter has opened for survivors of the quake that struck Marrakesh and the regions to its south on 8th September, fear of the future remains.

“I’m afraid when the cold season will start, it’s going to be a disaster because [peaople] here have nothing. They live in tents that can hold a dozen people, no hygiene, nothing at all. There’s enormous poverty. With the help of the local population and other doctors, [I would like, I wish] for them to continue this action of taking care of the population”.

Morocco announced the launch of an aid programme on 14th September to support and rehouse the residents of about 50,000 buildings damaged in by the Al-Haouz earthquake.

Africanews/Hauwa M.

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