Musings of a Grateful Nigerian

By Chijioke Nwankwo, PhD.

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Though I took a break from social media because I am convinced it has outlived its usefulness. But the break has to be called off solely to convey my gratitude to @MBuhari as he concludes his 2nd term in office since I don’t have another platform to do so.


And so, Mr President @MBuhari I sincerely extend my gratitude to you, for your sincere leadership which has seen Nigeria make giant strides on many fronts. No doubt, many who supported you pre-2015 withdrew their support along the line for various reasons.


There were those who expected quick fixes, so were others who didn’t understand the magnitude of the mess we were in before you took over, and lastly, there were those who lacked the wisdom to understand that it takes longer time to rebuild than to destroy.


Some of us stood firm, not because we were a 30k/month crew, as alleged nor were we benefitting a larger share of your good policies than other Nigerians, it was because we saw in you, true sincerity and commitment to repositioning the country, despite the