Painting as an  Instrument of Economic Growth

Arts and culture has been identified as a tool for economic empowerment, nation building, development and human civilization.
 Nigeria’s Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Mrs Hannatu Musawa Disclosed this at the Art Exhibition with the theme Landscapes and Flavours in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. According to the Minister, Arts has the ability to create a deeper understanding of one’s self.
‘’Arts, in its various forms, has the ability to transcend boundaries, ignite emotions, and challenge our perspective. it allows us to escape the confines of our everyday lives, offering a glimpse into different world, cultures, and experiences . it is through art  that we find solace, meaning, and deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
As you wander through the exhibition, I invite you to immerse yourself in the stories that these artworks have to tell. Each stroke of the brush, each intricately splashed colour, and each vibrant sketch captures a moment frozen in time, a piece of the artist’s soul laid bare for us to witness’’
She further reiterates the government commitment in repositioning the visual art sector.
Mr President is very committed to the growth and development of creative potentials as tool for economic empowerment especially among the youths , as minister of Arts, Culture and creative Economy, I am at the forefront of strategy to reposition the visual art sector as active player and catalyst in the creative economy mantra and I am using this opportunity to inform Nigerians that the policy framework formulation for this is in finishing phase and will be unveiled in due time’’. 


On his part the Director General National Gallery of Arts, Mr Ahmed Sodangi, promised an enabling environment for artists to showcase their talent.
’’Each artist showcases their unique perspective and vision through their pieces displayed and let me say here that the selection of these three  artist is part of the grand process of the National Gallery of Arts to reposition the visual art sector so that artist can buy into the creative economy aspect of the president Tinubu renewed Hope Agenda’’.
Also speaking, Professor Jerry Buhari, of the Department of Fine Art, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, while appreciating the organizers of the exhibition explains what it entails in the artistic work.
’’the economic value of art and Culture  in general draws its essence from the transcendental values it offers to nation-building and world human civilization. this Exhibition presents the work of three artists, Mark Rwang, Pauline Malize, and Katuraq Chiny, who have captured  the beauty and diversity of our  natural environment in their paintings.
In the Exhibition, each painting was a unique reflection of the artist’s perspective and experience of nature, the artist have been inspired by different aspect of nature, such as landscapes, plants, the weather, and other natural phenomena. Their works seek to present nature in realism, while others reinterpreted nature by giving them new and imaginative perspective.”
The Exhibition featured the work of  Mark Rwang, Pauline Malize and Katurag Chinyio.