NCC to focus on collaboration, compliance to drive growth


The Executive Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), Dr. Aminu Maida, has outlined the commission’s plans to drive growth in the telecoms industry by prioritizing collaboration, compliance, data, and quality of experience.

Aminu conveyed this message during an exclusive media engagement, where he discussed his vision and strategy after completing 100 days in office.

Maida said the commission would focus more on being data-centric, as the world is in a digital age. He noted that, as a regulator of the telecoms industry, it was necessary to leverage data to make informed decisions.

“We will be driving the collection of a lot of data from our stakeholders to project the work that we are doing so that we can have a high level of transparency and accountability.

“Compliance is another driver we need to focus on, as a regulator that is empowered by the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) 2003, we have the power to hold our licensees to their obligations.

 “We have laid down obligations for our licensees to meet and we will ensure they uphold those obligations,” Maida said.


The EVC emphasized the crucial importance of collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders, encompassing government agencies, the media, telecom operators, and consumers. He highlighted that the commission’s strategic focus would be on three key stakeholders: telecom consumers, the industry, and the government.

He reiterated the commission’s commitment to addressing the unique needs of each stakeholder. Specifically, he highlighted the recognition that consumers seek a comprehensive Quality of Experience (QoE), and the commission is poised to prioritize and enhance this aspect.


Maida said the commission will use data to empower consumers, enabling informed choices and eliminating the need for multiple SIM devices. He added that the NCC will collaborate with licensees to improve data tariffs, speeds, and coverage, striving for simpler and more transparent pricing.

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Maida clarified that consumers often overlook the increased data consumption of phones with enhanced data tolerance and better camera capabilities, leading to faster data depletion. As the regulatory authority, the commission will intervene to address common consumer complaints and devise effective solutions for these issues.

“Also, we want to formulate a policy to ensure that any line used to carry out fraud, the owner of that line will be prosecuted. So, if you are not using a particular line, it is advisable you block it,” Maida said.


The EVC stated that the commission is actively reviewing operational standards for licensees. He stated that the goal is to implement improved standards aligned with international best practices, particularly focusing on enhancing corporate governance within the industry.

“We are going to be doing a lot of advocacy in the area of pushing the telecoms industry as a critical national infrastructure.

“On the right of way charges, we are working with states government to either waive the RoW charges or stick to the N145/linear charge. We are also engaging states on the issue of multiple taxation,” he said.

Job Creation

Maida stated that the commission would be aligning its goals with those of the minister’s blueprint while noting that the commission’s policy was to grow the industry by increasing its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“NCC is also focusing on job creation, especially for our youth, and facilitation of cross industries collaboration. We are going to enable other industries to innovate and grow,” he said.

Source NAN