NGO, FCT Inaugurate Culture For Peace Project Committee

Hikmat Bamigboye

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A Non-Governmental Organization , NGO, Oneworld Initiative for Sustainable Devolpomet (OISD), in partnership with the Department of Arts and Culture of the FCT Social Development Secretariat, have inaugurated a committee geared towards promoting peaceful coexistence in Abuja the Nations Capital.



Speaking at the formal launching and inauguration of the steering committee on the ‘Culture for Peace Project’, the Mandate Secretary, FCT Social Development Secretariat, Mrs Justina Pawa said the event was timely.

Mrs Pawa also added that the committee is charged with the responsibility of identifying, listing and studying the various groups within the FCT with a view to finding common grounds for social interaction, economic development, peaceful coexistence and general well-being of all.

“The well-being of the residents of the FCT, will translate into less work for the FCT Administration and a model city for us to live in and others to visit. One of the expected outcomes from this committee is a Cultural Policy for the FCT that will identify and promote the cultural activities in the FCT.”

“Your recommendations policy draft will go a long way to provide the needed direction towards achieving the much needed peaceful coexistence that FCT and indeed the entire country deserve.” Paws added.

Mrs Pawa thanked all the stakeholders who have agreed to be part of the drive especially the traditional institutions and the area councils, the NGOs.

She urged the committees to go into serious business research and consultation to harness all relevant information needed to accomplish the task within record time.

On his part, the President, OISD, Timothy Achanya, said the project was conceptualized to galvanize stakeholder efforts towards promoting the culture of peace through dynamic conflict resolution and transformation strategies with a view to achieving sustainable development in Nigeria .

Mr Achanya also said that the project was concepualized in response
to Nigeria’s fragile State and conflict infested social space.

“This ugly trend is further fuelled by religious, ethnic and tribal bigotry which result in distrust among the citizens, lack of patriotism, disunity and huge craving to harm one another at the slightest provocation. Abuja being the capital of Nigeria and adjudged one of the safest cities in the country is beginning to witness this ugly trend. Achanya added
“The daily influx of victims and other citizens running away from insurgency and crime from the affected states calls for serious concern. The situation has resulted in astronomic increase in Abuja population. This again impacts negatively on the social, economic, human and physical infrastructure of Abuja. If not checked, this could make Abuja worse than most of other cities in Nigeria.” She said.

She noted that the initiation of the the project using culture as a unifying factor was apt. Mr. Achanya summon all hands to be on deck in the efforts.

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