Nigeria: Obasanjo, others must be consulted for a way out -Governor Okowa

Shade Salami, Ogun

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Former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former leaders and all stakeholders including the traditional rulers needed to be consulted in find lasting solutions to the insecurity and economic chaos faced by the country.

Delta State Governor , Ifeanyi Okowa made the statement on Tuesday, after a private visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the Presidential Library Penthouse residence, in Abeokuta,  the Ogun State Capital.

In a release by Obasanjo’s Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Akinyemi, governor  Okowa pointed out that there was need for wide consultation because the nation’s situation was overwhelming.

The troubled situation has the capacity to destroy our economy, which is not in our best interest.”

“It is time the country has to come together, all well-meaning people, all stakeholders must come together to think of Nigeria first. We need the collective efforts of all at this period, “ he said.

“This is something that is threatening the fabrics of our unity and not something we have to play with, adding that the situation is getting worrisome and it’s time we all have our hands on deck to be able to find solution, “ said Governor Okowa.

“As it stands today, the APC government cannot alone deal with the challenges and they need to find wide and far-reaching consultation, not with those in government alone, but all stakeholders, particularly those who have been part of running this country before and now, including even religious leaders.  We need to sit together and discuss the way forward.”


The State governor , described  Obasanjo  “as someone who truly understands Nigeria through and through and we bless God for having somebody like him. 


“We need to tap from him, especially at a time like this which will help to shape this nation. And I thanked God for the wonderful discussions that I had with him”.


He added that he came to share ideas with the former President, in addition to the situation in Nigeria. He was ready to give fatherly advice. I also discussed with him some issues concerning my state and he willingly advised me too. He is a respository of knowledge and experience.”Picture below:


On his next line of action ahead of the 2023 general elections, Governor Okowa said he was yet to make up his mind on whether to contest in the Presidential election, saying, “finding solution to the nation’s problems was more important than the Presidential race for him.


As at today,  I have not made up my mind. The important thing is not about myself, but it is about the nation, Nigeria. The future of hope. What level of consensus can we build in order to achieve our dream. Our dream is to see Nigeria begin to have an improvement in our security and in the level of economy.  These are somethings we have not achieved at the moment. 


“The country is so stressed. So much stress in the land. So much unemployment, so much inflation and unfortunately the things that unite us are badly threatened and we cannot even be sure of tomorrow. These are the things we must discuss. We must all come together to stop this tide of drift at the moment. That is the type of things we should be more concerned about.”





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