Nigerian Actress Toyin Abraham Faces Critics With Fearless Declaration

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Nigerian actress and producer Toyin Abraham has fired back at her critics on social media with a strong statement.

The actress, who has been the subject of criticism in recent times, took to her Instagram page to make a bold declaration.

Weeks ago, the actress, in an interview, declared her love and support for Tinubu and suggested that she might be voting for the candidate in the elections.

She also clarified that the decision on who to vote for is solely hers and not an attempt to cajole anyone into voting for her preferred candidate. It appears that many didn’t get this memo, as they have heavily criticised her.

The actress did not mince words in her response to critics who accused her of receiving money from the government to promote the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu.

In the post, Abraham made it clear that she was not afraid of any curses and was ready to face any consequences that may come her way, but only if she’s guilty of the allegations.

She wrote in Yoruba, “Ti mo ba gba owo, imo yin ase le mi Lori but if it’s just my choice and nothing more gbagbe eni ti je gbi ko le ku gbi A. Emi oluwatoyin dada mi 0 ni ku gbi ati pe irawo mi ko ni wo omi ge”

Which loosely translates to: “If I collected money, your curses will take effect on me but if it’s just my choice and nothing, I Oluwatoyin good I will not die and I will continue to shine’

Abraham’s statement has garnered mixed reactions from fans and followers, with some praising her for standing her ground while others criticised her for being insensitive.



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