Nigerian Singer Declares Support To Reelect Lagos State Governor

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Nigerian Singer, Naira Marley has declared his support for the reelection of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos state.

He noted that the incumbent Governor of Lagos state deserves to be reelected because of the infrastructural development he has initiated in Lagos.

He stated this via his Instagram page, noting that he was not paid to publicly declare his choice of candidate

He said, “I gotta say..I just gotta say…I’m gonna put one or two things inside this thing you get me.
“I’m not (for the) All Progressives Congress, I’m not (for the) Peoples Democratic Party, I’m not (for the) Labour Party…but where Lagos is going right now, we don’t need to start testing at all.

“I think Sanwo-Olu is the right person for the job. This is not a paid promo or nothing. But just look at now, everything he’s done, common guys … he’s achieved a lot, the results are there, you get me, and he also has experience you know,” he said.

The singer said he knew Sanwo-Olu was going to make Lagos great.

“You can tell, look at the result… actions speak louder than words obviously. If you see all the ongoing projects, common bro,” he added. “You can’t say we should not talk now because of one thing or the other, we’re Nigerians, we’re not the APC.” He further said.


Tribune/Olusola Akintonde

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