NOTAP Donates Science Lab Equipment to Akwa-Ibom School

Hadiza Ndadama


As part of its drive to demystify technology in Nigeria, the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) has donated state-of-the-art Model Science Laboratory equipment to Migrants Community Secondary School, Ibakang, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the upgraded science laboratory, the Ag. Director General of NOTAP, Dr. Idoreyin Imiyoho said that the Office was established primarily to regulate the inflow of foreign technology through the registration of technology transfer agreements but also has the responsibility of encouraging the development of locally motivated technologies.

She said that science and technology were pivotal to the development of every nation, and NOTAP being a critical stakeholder in the development of the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) ecosystem in Nigeria felt duty-bound to ensure that Nigerian secondary schools are equipped with model science laboratories to encourage science teaching and learning.

“Science education is the cornerstone for societal progression and science in particular holds the key to unlocking the boundless potentials in Nigerian youth, hence the need to equip them with critical learning tools to actualize their educational dreams,” she said.

Dr. Imiyoho noted that by equipping the school with a model chemistry laboratory apparatus, the Office is not just unveiling a physical space but has opened doors of endless possibilities hence sparking the flames of curiosity and discovery in the heart and minds of the students.

The Ag. DG reiterated the importance of assisting schools with model equipment as it clearly symbolises the commitment and resolve of her office to nurturing the next generation of scientists, innovators and critical thinkers that will rule the world.

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“In line with the renewed hope mantra of the present administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, science education should play a critical role in shaping the destiny of our nation and citizens alike as every child deserves access to qualitative education irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds,” she said.

She paid a glowing tribute to the pioneer Director and Chief Executive Officer of NOTAP, Chief Friday Okono for his tireless efforts in advancing the mission and vision of the Office and his steadfastness and dedication to the development of his community.

She added that it was in the spirit of inclusivity and to celebrate his legendary contributions to NOTAP and national development that spurred the Office to donate the model science laboratory equipment to Migrants Community Secondary School, his home community.

Dr. Imiyoho expressed gratitude to the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology under the leadership of the Honourable Minister, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji for the unwavering support for the actualisation of the dreams and aspirations of NOTAP.

She encouraged the principal, teachers, and students of Migrants Community Secondary schools to guide the equipment to ensure that they are properly utilized and also against vandals so that the equipment will serve as a critical educational legacy for the next generation.

The Honourable Commissioner of Education, Akwa Ibom State, Mrs. Idongesit Etiebet, represented by the Permanent Secretary, lady Rose Bassey commended NOTAP for supporting the educational infrastructure of the State by donating such state-of-the-art model Chemistry equipment for the advancement of science education in the State.

“The initiative aligned perfectly with the ARISE agenda of the current government of Akwa Ibom State under the leadership of His Excellency, Pastor Umo Eno which prioritizes equipping the Children with model educational opportunities to enhance their well-being and ensure they can compete favourably with their peers,” she said.

She said that the State government had launched numerous projects aimed at improving the quality of education in the State and urged NOTAP to continue to partner with State governments in ensuring the development of science education which is essential to the sustained economic development of every nation.

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