NYSC reiterates its commitment to Nigeria’s development

Ene Audu, Abuja

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The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC said it will continue to contribute to the socio-economic and political development of the country.

The Director General of the scheme, Brigadier-General Yushau’a Ahmed stated this at the thanksgiving service in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of NYSC which was held at the National Ecumenical Centre in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

The Director General was represented by the Director of ICT, Mrs Christy Uba.

The Director General commended the founding father of NYSC for bringing about such a laudable initiative.

“We can not stop applauding our founding father, General Yakubu Gowon who did not just receive the vision of a greater Nigeria through the involvement of the youths in nation building but also nurtured this hallowed dream of vision.

We must also thank God that 50 years down the line, our founding father is alive hail and healthy, he said.

Speaking on the notable achievements of the Scheme, the Director General said that the scheme has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the country.

According to him, the scheme which started with the mobilization and deployment of 2,364 graduate youths in 1973 is presently mobilizing and deploying over 350,000 participants.

“About Six million youths have passed through the scheme leaving enduring heart landmarks in different parts of the country.

“It is also gratifying to know that many Nigerian graduate youths have made and are still making significant contributions to the growth of our dear country in their chosen careers both in the private and public sectors of the economy.

He added that,  Besides its structural and administrative growth, capacity building and human resource management,  the scheme has also recorded great achievement and is positively impacting the lives of rural dwellers across the country.

Speaking further, he said that despite some challenges, “The fact that it is still in existence today, as one of the most reliable, enduring strategic legacies,  holding the fabrics of our dear country together in unity, despite our diversity of culture and divergence of opinion, there’s an incontrovertible testimony of the NYSC as God’s agenda for own nation.”

The Director General called on all to provide Members with the needed support and platform to contribute more to the development of the nation in the years ahead.

The chaplain of the Ecumenical Centre, Rev. Mike Agboh, said there is a need to promote peace and unity among political leaders and followers in the country.

He said that all citizens need to come together and share the same love that is replicated during the service year.

“Everyone needs to review their character and eschew the right values. The same virtues that the founding fathers had in mind when setting up the scheme. The citizens and leaders should be ready to serve the country and make meaningful development to the country.”

He noted that the NYSC was meant to foster unity and promote peace and development. The program was developed to unite youths from different backgrounds to live together in peace and harmony.

In the same vein, he noted that NYSC has brought about many inter-tribal marriages and enhanced social and cultural development.

“It has brought integration to many communities. We hope that the same love will be shared and the citizens will revive the lost glory of the country,he said.