Pakistan’s Ex-PM Khan Moved To A New Prison

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Pakistan’s Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday was moved to a prison with better facilities near the nation’s  Capital of Islamabad after a court order, his lawyer says.

His legal team and party had been pleading with several courts to issue orders for Khan to be shifted to Adyala Jail in garrison city of Rawalpindi, which they argued was more appropriate for a Former Premier.

Khan has been detained in a low-key, colonial era prison in Northwestern Attock district, that lacked facilities like attached bathroom and television and made it harder for family and friends to visit or send newspapers, books or food.

His lawyer Naeem Panjutha posted on X social media, formerly known as Twitter, that he had been shifted to the new prison.

Khan’s close aide Zulfikar Bukhari, however, said he believed he was on his way to the new facility.

The Former Prime Minister has been in jail since early August after being convicted on corruption charges.

A court suspended his three year prison term, but his release on bail did not happen as Authorities charged him in another case related to leaking State secrets.

Khan says the charges are designed to stop him running in an election early next year, an allegation the Authorities deny.



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