Population Census provides critical data for National Planning- NPC

Bitrus Kozah, Abuja

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National Population and Housing Census has been described as an exercise that provides critical data for national planning and development in a country.

The Chairman of Public Affair Committee of the National Population Census in the National Population Commission in Nigeria, Dr Eyitayo Oyetunji who said this during Voice of Nigeria’s In The News Programme, also said that the 2022 national housing and population census will address most of the challenges in Nigeria.

Dr Oyetunji said the 2022 Census would assist the Nigerian government in national planning by capturing areas where critical infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, roads among others are needed.

He confirmed census as a critical exercise that affects everybody and that gives opportunity to all citizens to be enumerated while no one would be excluded.

every human being will be enumerated, no one will be excluded in the census population where we are talking about over two hundred thousand people”

He added that universally, Census taking is a ten-year affair and that the last Census was 2006 and that 2016 was ten years since the last census took place in Nigeria.