Sierra Leone: President Bio Reiterates Commitment to Democracy, Peace

By, Adoba Echono

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In the early hours of Sunday 26th November, 2023 morning, Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown, was rocked by a security breach at the Military Barracks at Wilberforce.

Undeterred, President Julius Maada Bio has addressed the nation, assuring citizens of their safety and reiterating his commitment to upholding democracy and peace.

In a televised address from the Presidential Lodge, President Bio recounted the events of the morning, acknowledging the attack on the military armoury by unidentified individuals.

He commended the swift and decisive action taken by the country’s gallant Security Forces, who have successfully repelled the attack and restored calm to the situation.

As the Security Forces continue to track down the remaining perpetrators, President Bio has declared a nationwide curfew, urging citizens to remain indoors for their safety.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability in Sierra Leone, stressing that it is a collective responsibility that requires unity among all citizens.

President Bio’s in his addres said his unwavering commitment to democracy and peace was unshaken.

He declared, “The PEACE of our beloved NATION is PRICELESS and we shall continue to protect the peace and security of Sierra Leone against the forces that wish to truncate our much-cherished stability.”

In the face of the security challenge, President Bio’s said his leadership will remain a beacon of hope for Sierra Leoneans.

President Bio noted that his message of unity and unwavering commitment to democracy and peace will undoubtedly resonate with citizens across the country, strengthening their resolve to safeguard their nation’s hard-won stability.

Africanews/Hauwa M.