Singapore Festival 2023: FintechNGR canvasses investment for Nigeria

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FintechNGR, the umbrella body for fintech players, pioneer and Fintech Association in Africa has canvassed support for the burgeoning ecosystem in Nigeria at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2023.

The SFF is one of the world’s leading FinTech conferences, bringing regulators, banks, and FinTechs together for a global dialogue on finance, technology and policy. It provided a vital platform for FintechNGR to connect Nigeria with the rest of the world.

Leading the Nigerian delegation alongside other partners, including Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) and Wema Bank/ALAT to the event in Singapore, FintechNGR noted that efforts are required to further deepen innovation in the space.

The festival, which brought more than 60,000 participants, 100 countries, and 1,000 brands together over the three-day event, saw FintechNGR’s pavilion emerge as one of the most visited, attesting to the heightened interest in Nigeria.

“Our active participation through speaking engagements not only contributed to the global fintech knowledge base but also showcased the pivotal role and impact of the Nigerian ecosystem on a broader African scale through product and brand exhibitions.

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At the heart of FintechNGR’s participation was the aim to attract foreign investments and businesses into Nigeria, positioning the nation as a hub for fintech innovation.

“Through engaging discussions, brand exhibitions, and strategic showcases, FintechNGR actively worked towards opening doors for Nigerian fintech enterprises to establish a global presence.

“The Singapore FinTech Festival, known for exploring cutting-edge financial solutions, regulatory landscapes, and technological innovations, provided an unparalleled platform for global collaboration and knowledge exchange.

“FintechNGR’s presence underscored its commitment to driving global collaborations and showcasing the immense potential of the Nigerian fintech ecosystem,” it stated.