Stakeholders Recommend Digital Technology To Boost Nigeria’s Tourism Industry

By: Emelda Nwajei, Lagos

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The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, Edo State, Southern, Nigeria, Iryn Omorogiuwa Esq has urged the Nigeria government to boost the Tourism Industry through the use of “Digital Technology”. She made the statement in an interview with Voice of Nigeria.

According to her, “Nigeria is blessed with lots of tourism potentials and these tourist sites are generating income to the nation economy”.

She went further to disclose that Edo State has employed the use of Digital Technology in promoting the tourism industry, “for us in Edo State, we have employed the use of Digital Technology in promoting our tourist sector. We now rely on the Social media and Tweeter among others. The whole idea is to draw attention to the rich culture of Nigeria people”.

Iryn Omorogiuwa also explained that the Edo State, Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism has partnership with various communities in the State. “We have drawn collaboration with various communities, we have created platforms that all our artifacts and art works are there for the world to see. The aim is for tourists to log in there to see the various tourist sites in Edo State.

The federal government should adopt and support the new drive in the tourist sector by begin to make  use of digital technology in the tourist industry.” She added.

In the same vein, the Obigbo Mikimiki, Obanobhan of Olobiri Kingdom, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Southern, Nigeria, King Amanate Journey Turner, (MFR), in his opinion said the federal government should provide adequate security in all the tourist sites across the 36 states in Nigeria, in order to bring more tourists to the country.

He went further to explain that, “the federal government should develop the various tourist sites in the country and also develop the transportation sector. If the transportation sector is in order, it will be easier for tourists to access various tourist sites in the country”.

According to Dr. Felix Tuodolo, the former Commissioner for Ijaw and National Affairs, Bayelsa State, Southern, Nigeria, lamented that, lots of tourist sites in Nigeria are underdeveloped and need to be explore, one of such tourist centres is the Oil Museum at Olobiri, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Southern, Nigeria.

He went further to explain that, “presently, major work has started at the Oil Museum at Olobiri,the Nigeria Senate has approved the project because it will be one of the biggest tourist oil museum across the globe”.

“The Religious tourism in Nigeria has not been developed. Lots of people travel to Israel for Religious tourism, but in Nigeria, we have similar tourist centres such as the Redeem Camp located in Ogun State, South-West, Nigeria, TB Joshua camp situated in Lagos State, South-West, Nigeria and the church at Warri, Delta State, Southern, Nigeria, popularly known as Owomowomo. The government need to develop these tourist sites.” Dr. Felix Tuodolo said.

According to Professor Barclays Ayakoroma, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, University of Africa, Toru-Orua, Bayelsa State Southern Nigeria and also Former, Executive Secretary, National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), for tourists to enjoy their trip to Nigeria, the traditional rulers should be involved because they know the in and out of their localities for the security of tourists.

He also advised the federal government to improve the Tourism centres in the rural areas, “Tourism usually improve the local economy because people will take taxis, drink water, soft drinks, buy local delicacies, and also buy local fabrics”.

Professor Emmy Idegu, Department of Theatre and Media Studies, University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Southern, Nigeria mentioned some of the popular tourist sites in Cross Rivers State, Southern, Nigeria and some states in Nigeria in general. “the National Park, Obudu Mountain Resort, Tinapa Resort, Mary Slessor roundabout, Mary Slessor house and also the Carnival Calabar which is the largest street carnival in Cross Rivers State, Southern, Nigeria. He also mentioned the Igala street show in Kogi State, North Central, Nigeria and the Eyo fetival in Lagos State, South-West, Nigeria.”

He also urged the Nigeria government to encourage continuity of projects and appoint professionals to take up projects in order to boost the tourist industry in the country.


Olusola Akintonde