Sudanese protesters march against UN

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Protesters holding placards reading “No to foreign interference” and “Volker out”, in reference to the UN’s Khartoum envoy Volker Perthes, marched in Khartum.

Thousands of Sudanese Islamists gathered for the second time in two weeks to call out what they see as “interference” in the country’s affairs.

They are opposed to the UN’s efforts to mediate between the Sudan’s military junta and civilian leaders following last year’s coup staged by general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

“Any compromise will bring this country into a real crisis and we, the youth of Sudan, do not want these parties and their agreements”, protestor Mohammed warned.

“If a government is supposed to emerge, it should be the result of elections.”

“We will take to the streets, to the squares, every day, in every city, in every corner to protect this country, to preserve its unity and its security. No to (foreign) agents!”, Luay exclaimed.

The protestors also expressed anger at a transitional constitution proposal by the Sudanese Bar Association, which plans on banning activities by the National Congress Party, the Islamist movement of former leader al-Bashir.

The army chief last week warned the Islamists to steer clear of the military, saying: “The army does not belong to any party.”

His warning came a week after some 3,000 Islamists staged a similar march in front of the UN headquarters.

It comes despite repeated accusations from civilian factions that the army was colluding with the Islamists, pointing to the recent reappointment of Islamist figures in positions of power.