TEDx, NTIC host programme to inspire Nigerian Youths

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The Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC) and a grassroots initiative, TEDx are set to organise an inspiring youth programme on the 25th of November 2023.

According to a press statement by the Managing Director of Nigeria Tulip International College, Mr. Feyzullah Bilgin; “The TEDx NTIC Abuja Youth is inspired by the notion of spreading valuable ideas and is committed to inspiring its student community by featuring a lineup of speakers and students who possess the ability to kindle the flames of greatness.”

The theme for this year’s inaugural edition is ‘IGNITE,’ which conveys the idea of igniting inspiration, passion, and motivation for positive change.

He said, “It encourages speakers to present ideas that can ignite the minds and hearts of the audience, compelling them to take action and effect meaningful change.

“Talks within this theme can span a broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from personal transformation stories to groundbreaking innovations with the potential to revolutionize various domains. “Ignite” promises to infuse an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement throughout the event.

“The event will feature 10 speakers, each taking their turn to share their insights with the audience, accompanied by 2 performances interspersed in between,” he added.