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Christians all over the world are once again observing Easter in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The commemoration is regarded as good news to mankind across the world but particularly to Christian faithful whose faith is predicated on the crucifixion and resurrection of the son of God who paid the supreme price for the sin of the world. The occasion is the peak of the Easter festival which began with the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ three days earlier in fulfilment of the scriptures. The incident thus becomes a symbolic reference of love from God to man which all believers in Christ are expected to extend to fellow men in love; in pursuance of peace, justice and true brotherliness across all known faith.

Though the resurrection of Christ is a religious affair, it stands out as a means of resolution of the difference between humans in all endeavours of life,  including ensuring a peaceful coexistence irrespective of political affiliations creed and ideology as people of same community with common feature move towards national goal. It will therefore not be wrong to say that Eater serves as an anecdote to resolving Nigeria’s Political differences so that the objective of building one indivisible nation can be achieved without bitterness.

Though the 2023 General Election may have come and gone, there remains the efforts to achieve a truce and restore love among the contestants, especially those who felt they may have been cheated and denied victory during the polls. Since elections should not become a divisive exercise, it therefore must serve as a unifying force for all citizens, while the search for God-fearing leaders continue to be on the front burner. As noted in many sermons and messages from political leaders and the Ecclesia during the festivities,  it is the collective responsibility of leaders to address with fairness and justice the issues that arose from the 2023 elections to ensure that Nigeria’s democracy continues to experience positive growth for the general good of the nation and its people.

As Nigerians reflect on the challenging realities of the country at Easter, they must take a moment to reflect on its significance in the drive to reach an acceptable point of building an enduring bridge that could help cement the cracks that have attended the outcome of elections. Once this is achieved, it becomes easy to direct more energy and resources towards resolving other socio-political and economic problems of the country.

The challenges of insecurity, economic wellbeing, eradication of poverty, unemployment and ensuring an enabling environment for foreign direct investment as well as the fight against corruption have had a devastating effect on the effort towards national development and to allow electoral issues to cause a breach in national unity could further cause more harm.

This is one reason why the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead serves as hope because it represents victory over darkness just as Nigeria’s ability to overcome its challenges will serve as victory over under development, stagnation and division, religious and ethnic bigotry.

With national interest on top of its agenda, Nigeria will be able to overcome all the contending issues that may have weighed it down and thus be able to attain lofty heights in all aspect of its national life by promoting positive attitude towards national development.

This is much more meaningful if the zeal to overcome obstacles like terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and trafficking in humans is faced with the heart with which the Saviour of the world faced the threat of violence which led to his crucifixion and eventually triumphing over darkness at his resurrection.

By so doing, Nigerians will be able to reclaim their country by standing together and speaking with one voice from uncomplimentary developments that have almost made it become the laughing stock of its competitors and many other nations who depend on it for their national survival.

Easter teaches that honesty and integrity are values that citizens must seek and uphold if they want to build a better nation. For the envisaged national rebirth to materialize, Nigeria’s leaders must be found to be transparent and accountable to the citizens, obey the rule of the law and offer equal opportunity to the citizens to live a peaceful life.

In return for the high standard expected of the country’s leadership, citizens must be willing to support government by being honest in service.

Easter announces to the citizenry that there is always hope for a better future in trusting that the God who raised Jesus Christ from the dead is able to raise Nigeria from its darkest political travails to becoming a stronger nation again. This however can only be possible through dedication to duty as they continue to work hard with perseverance in pursuit of the national dream of becoming great once again.

The message of Easer and its significance should not be lost in political acrimony, religious differences and ethnicity, which all have reduced great nations to aches from which many have yet to re-emerge despite the investment of huge resources to rebuild them. What this means is that there must be love shared among all citizens as the country steps on the highway to greatness among the comity of nations.


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