Transport Ministry Bids Farewell to Minister

Shiktra Shalangwa, Abuja

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The Nigerian Ministry of Transportation has held a valedictory session for the Minister Mr Muazu Sambo and Minister of State Prince Ademola in Abuja the nation’s capital.

The Minister Mr Sambo urged the ministry to ensure it focuses on the inland waterways.

He said: “I have worked for 13 years of my life with NIWA and I know what it means to have efficient waterways Transportation. Nigeria is blessed with ten thousand kilometres of waterways, fertile land for Agriculture and minerals. Nigeria also has the six largest deposits of coal in the world. The 38 States of the USA depend on inland waterways for their economies. Through the inland waterways, they move 360 million tons of cargo valued at over 90 billion dollars every year. Also, 60 per cent of America’s agricultural exports are carried out through the inland waterways and that is what makes their crops competitive in the world market.”

The Minister said the ministry should develop the inland waterways as it is the cheapest way of moving goods and will greatly increase the GDP of the nation.

He thanked the Management and staff of the ministry for their corporation during his tenure.

The Minister of State Prince Ademola also appreciated the Minister for giving him visibility as Minister of State. He commended the Minister for the opportunity to work with him and for the commissioning of the Ondo deep seaport.

The Ministry commend the two ministers for their outstanding efforts in ensuring the ministry achieves its mandate.

The Permanent Secretary Dr Magdalene Ajani said the Ministers came hitting the ground and running. She added that they worked with the mission plan, showed leadership in diversity and achieved a lot despite the limited time they had.



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