UK hospital uses robot for thoracic surgery

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Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge is one of the first in the UK to use a Versius for lung and chest surgery.

Adam Peryt, a surgeon at the hospital who has begun using the technology, said: “It’s completely different from the old fashioned operations we used to do in the past.”

The robot mimics human arm joints and has more wrist rotation and can make small, precise incisions while the surgeon controls it from a console.

Adam Peryt described the experience as being able to see everything in 3D. Peryt, who is also the clinical lead, explained it was only being used on certain patients at the moment, but hoped in future almost every thoracic surgery would be done with the robot.


He said: “… all those complex cases will be done with the robotic assistance, so again, small incisions, better pain control comparing it to the open surgery, and better outcomes.”

“After years of operating on patients with your own technique you have to switch completely to something new,” he added.




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