University Abduction: Senate Calls For Immediate Rescue Of Victims

By Lekan Sowande, Abuja

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The Senate has called for the immediate rescue of female students of Federal University, Gusau, Zamfara State, abducted by yet-to-be-identified bandits on Friday.

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Committee on Army, Senator Abdulaziz Yar’ Adua ( APC Katsina Central), rescuing the innocent female students from the captivity of the bandits must be the topmost priority of the country now.

Senator Yar’Adua lamented that the scourge of banditry and insurgency by criminal elements with the attendant abduction of law-abiding citizens is a serious issue which not good for Nigeria as a country.

“This is a moment that demands swift and decisive action. We cannot underestimate the trauma and anguish that these young girls and their families are experiencing right now. It is our duty as leaders to prioritise their safety and well-being,” he stressed.

He said that “the Nigerian Army and other security agencies must be well-equipped and positioned, to stop the menace already threatening the Nation’s unity, peace, and progress.”

The statement reads in part: “The recent kidnapping of more than 24 innocent school students of Federal University of Gusau, Nigeria, particularly the young girls, is not just another unfortunate incident but a clear indication that the insecurity plaguing our country has reached alarming levels.

“We can no longer stand idle and allow our nation’s future to be continually threatened. I call upon all stakeholders in government, from the executive to the legislative, and the judiciary, to immediately divert our attention to this heinous attack and ensure the safe rescue of our young daughters.

” Furthermore, let us use this unfortunate incident as a wake-up call. The Nigerian government must intensify its efforts to curb the escalating insecurity that has permeated our land.

“We cannot continue to allow bandits, insurgents, and criminal elements to terrorize our communities, disrupt the educations of our children, and instill fear in the hearts of law-abiding citizens.

As the head of the committee on the Nigerian Army in the National Assembly, I pledge to lend my unwavering voice, support, and resources to this cause.

“We must bolster our security forces, equip them with the necessary tools, provide adequate training, and enhance intelligence gathering mechanisms to counter these threats effectively.

“We must ensure that the Nigerian Army and other security agencies have the capabilities to rescue these kidnapped students without delay.”

An unspecified number of female students were abducted from the hostels of the Federal University Gusau in North-West of Zamfara State in the early hours of Friday.




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