WASIL Wins Afro World Agri-Food Awards

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In recognition of its roles in growing Nigeria and Africa’s agri-value chain, the West African Soy Industries Limited (WASIL), a subsidiary of the Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group has won the ‘Industry Leader in Soybean’ Award.

WASIL won the award at the 2023 Afro World Agri-Food Conference, Exhibition and Awards organized by the Afro World Agri-Food (AWAF) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The yearly award is a platform for recognizing excellence within the agro-services industry across diverse categories.

The Managing Director of WASIL, Mahendra Kumar Vaidh, said the endorsement from AWAF echoes the firm’s unwavering commitment to driving industry leadership and strategic economic impact within the global marketplace.

“It is a testament to our unwavering dedication as enablers of food and nutrition security, an ethos deeply embedded in our business presence.”

Mahendra emphasized WASIL’s unwavering focus on surpassing customer expectations, underpinned by the consistent delivery of an unparalleled product that has become indispensable.

He said: “With our pervasive international presence, both WASIL and its parent company, TGI Group, have enshrined service as a cornerstone of our brand identity. This ethos exemplifies our overarching business strategy, which places fulfilling stakeholder needs at its core. Thus, this award is a homage to the collective efforts of our partners — our dedicated staff, reliable vendors, esteemed merchants, and our invaluable customers — who have unequivocally propelled our products and various corporate brand-building initiatives to the forefront of choice.

“This ‘Industry Leader in Soybean’ award holds profound significance. We extend our gratitude to the AWAF team and all those who have acknowledged our invaluable contributions and ongoing evolution within the agri-sector. Our commitment to offering sustainable, innovative, and accessible agri-business solutions, ensuring enduring food and nutrition security, remains resolute.”

In her contribution, TGI Group’s Head of Communications, Rafiat Gawat stated, “WASIL’s remarkable achievement reflects our commitment to fostering innovation and highlights the transformative power of collaboration within the agri-value chain. We are proud to steer Africa’s journey towards self-sufficiency in food, one accolade at a time.”

Operating from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sagamu, Ogun State, WASIL stands at the forefront of Africa’s premier specialized oils and fats processing complexes.

The company actively engages with the Soy value chain, augmenting its operations through outgrower farming activities. Its noteworthy commitment includes providing farmers with premium agri-inputs while engaging in off-take arrangements to secure farm produce.


The Guardian / Foluke Ibitomi