WMA President calls for humane, patient-centred healthcare

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The President of the World Medical Association, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, has called for a more humanised and patient-centred a healthcare value chain.


He said this at the 10th Global Patients’ Congress organised by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, ahead of the 76th World Health Assembly, Enabulele emphasised the importance of promoting patient-centred, compassionate, and humanised healthcare.

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He noted that the patient-physician relationship is as old as medicine itself and that the WMA has been a long-time advocate of patient-centred care.


However, Enabulele expressed concerns about recent trends of violence against physicians and work overload leading to burnout, which could weaken efforts to promote patient-centred care.


He emphasised that patient safety is closely linked to the safety and well-being of healthcare professionals, and called for a comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges facing the healthcare industry. This includes resolving issues related to the working conditions and autonomy of physicians, as well as investing in the development of a resilient health workforce.


Other speakers at the event include the CEO of the International Council of Nurses, Howard Catton, CEO of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, Dr. Catherine Duggan, Board Member of IAPO, Prof. Lara Bloom, and CEO of the Ehlers-Danlos Society, and Nicola Bedlington, Special Adviser of the European Patients’ Forum.