Yuletide: Observe COVID-19 protocols – Presidency

Cyril Okonkwo, Abuja.

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The Presidency has urged Nigerians to observe all COVID-19 protocols during the Christmas and New Year festivities to curtail the spike in the second wave of the coronavirus in Nigeria.

The Chaplain of the Aso Villa Chapel, Rev. Seyi Malomo, gave the advice while speaking with the media on Sunday.

Malomo said that the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has continued to monitor what is happening across the world and has been advising Nigerians on how to prevent the disease.

“We have to continue to follow the protocols of the PTF because they have a global view and have been monitoring all that is happening with covid-19.

“So, we shouldn’t lose our guard.  God helped us.  We were very, very proactive and God Almighty gave us the grace to overcome the first wave and I believe that the same God who was with us when we overcame the first wave, will be with us now and we will overcome the second wave and if there is any third wave, we will overcome in Jesus name.

“But we must not lose guard; the bible says that the Lord Almighty is the one that watches the city or they watch in vain.

“So, we still need to watch, but we have to depend on God to watch us.  We must clean our hands as we have been told.  Don’t be far from your sanitizer in your homes, your offices. Try to maintain social distancing, reduce non-essential movement.

“The face mask is not a political thing; it is not a religious thing.  It is something that is for everybody and it is for protecting us.

“I believe that if we do that, we are going to come back again and be enjoying our parties and churches in Jesus name.” Malomo said.

Message of hope

Malomo said his message to Nigerians at Christmas is that of hope and called on Nigerians to persevere even in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“First of all, I want to wish all Nigerians on behalf of the president and the vice president a merry Christmas and a happy 2021 in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

“We know that this year has been a year full of challenges, particularly with the global pandemic. 

“But what we should realize is that our God says the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn shining ever brighter to the fullness of the day.

“So, even though the year has been like this we believe that God is a God that has a way of improving whatever is the state of things in our lives.  We should still be connected to God.

“I’m always saying that if not that God gave us the revelation that we should wear mask, that we should wash our hands, so you know how many people that would have died.   We must never lose hope.

“God is still a good God, He is still a kind God, and I know that now he has given the wisdom to develop the vaccine, he has greater things in store for us. 

“We are going to bounce back.  Nigeria will bounce back.  Our economy will bounce back.

“All the listeners to me, you are going to bounce back because God says arise and shine for your light has come.  I see that light shining for us in Jesus name.” He said.


The chaplain advised Nigerians to take the vaccine when it is administered to them in the country, declaring that the “coronavirus has no regard for your tribe, your creed or your religion.”

He urged Nigerians not to allow creed, faith, tribe or anything to stop them from taking advantage of the vaccine to prevent the contracting the disease.

“I believe that all the medical advice as to the effectiveness of the vaccine will be given to us and I see all of us getting well and we will all be here to celebrate 2021 December, Christmas in Jesus name,” Malomo stated.


Malomo explained that this year’s Presidential Christmas Carol was held behind closed doors in observance of the COVID-19 protocol, insisting that it was necessary to hold it because it is a tradition that must be kept.

“It’s become a tradition to ensure that at this period of time, we remind ourselves of the joy that came to the world with the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  One of the best ways we express our joy is by singing.

“The carol and the presidential praise concert is all about singing. We did it in closed door because we must set example.

The presidency must set example that these things can be done virtually.  We can still maintain tradition, but maintain it while we are observing all the protocols,” he said.


Zainab Sa’id