Decree Number 15 of 14th May, 1991 which set up the Corporation stipulates that: “The Corporation shall, to the exclusion of any other broadcasting authority or any other body in Nigeria, be responsible for broadcasting externally, by radio, Nigeria’s view point – to any part of the world”.  Other functions are to:


  1. Provide as a public service, in the interest of Nigeria, radio broadcasting services for global reception in such languages and at such times as the Corporation may specify;
  2. Erect, maintain and operate radio transmitting and receiving stations;
  • Enter into arrangements with the Federal or State Governments, companies, information centres, charitable organisations, foreign bodies or such other similar bodies for the purposes of obtaining information, licenses, right or privilege;
  1. Collect, receive, provide or subscribe to the News Agency of Nigeria, news or information in any part of the world and in the manner the Corporation deems fit;
  2. Acquire copyright;
  3. Publish, print and reproduce any matter that may be conducive to the performance of any of its functions and offer for sale for commercial purpose any parts so published, printed or reproduced;
  • Produce, manufacture, purchase and acquire tapes, microphones, loud-speakers, gramophones, mechanical records and other similar equipment;
  • Provide facilities for the training, advancement and enhancement of the skill and efficiency of persons employed in its services; and
  1. Carry out such other activities as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on it under this Decree.


Other functions are that:

  1. The Corporation shall ensure that its services reflect views of Nigeria as a Federation and give adequate expression to the culture, characteristic, affairs and opinions of Nigeria.
  2. The Corporation shall ensure that its news and programmes enhance Nigeria’s Foreign Policy and image.