Attacks in Mali kill, injure dozens

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Ten civilians and three soldiers were killed in a number of incidents across Mali.

The government says 88 militants were put out of action in what they are describing as a resurgence of “terrorist incidents.”

The attacks began with car bombs near Sevare airport which killed 10 people and injured 61 others.

They also destroyed some houses in the airport’s surrounding area, which is home to a Malian military camp.

Severe resident, Amadou Djiguiba, explained what happened.

“We heard noises after the prayer, around 5:30 am, 5:40 am,” he said. “At first, we thought the tragedy happened at home. 

“Some people thought that a building collapsed but came to ask us for help at the station. We went to the camp to inform the commander. We also alerted the civil protection. 

“Around 6:00 am, the authorities came and together we extracted the injured and dead. It was really hard.”

Mali has been battling a security crisis caused by separatist fighting in the north of the country since 2012.

Since 2020 the military leader has turned away from Western allies and toward Russia.

Mali’s junta in 2022 began working with what it calls Russian military “instructors”.

Opponents say these are mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner group.


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