Cameroon Defender Michel Ngadeu A Good Example

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Gent and Cameroon defender Michel Ngadeu, the civil engineering student who rose from 9th division to play pro and set an example for all active players.

In his words: “I have enterprises to manage in Cameroon. I build and I rent out apartments. I equally run a transportation company, and I have invested in agriculture and poultry farming. We always have to think about the future and be dynamic because we don’t know how a career may turn out…When I came to Europe 11 years ago, it was to study civil engineering. I had talent in football but my mother declined that option from the outset. I started in the 9th division and have had to climb up.

I’ve worked as delivery man for Primark. I used to get up at 4am, board a bus in the cold to work for 8 hours straight with just 30 minutes break. Honestly, I’m happy with the path I’ve been through, because I now know what others go through.”

Michel Ngadeu just unveiled his latest accomplishment in Douala, is an example of what every footballer should be in their playing days. Football careers don’t last a lifetime. Once you call time on your playing career, the succulent salaries become history. There’s dire need to invest.

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