Cyclone Freddy slams eastern Mozambique with unique rainfall

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Tropical cyclone Freddy dumped “dangerous and exceptional rainfall levels” over Mozambique as the storm continued to wreak havoc across southern Africa, the UN weather agency said.

Freddy made landfall in the coastal town of Vilanculos with wind speeds of a hundred thirteen kilometers damaging trees and housing, residents sheltered at a primary school, terrified.

“It was a very strong and frightening wind. We were scared and it didn’t sit well with us.”

The tropical storm is now classified as an “intense tropical cyclone”, after picking up speed over the Mozambican channel.

“It is projected to weaken as it barrels through southern Africa but still poses serious risk of heavy rainfall to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana”, according to the regional weather centre in La Réunion island.


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