Ex-Councilors call on president Buhari to retain Inspector General of Police Stewardship

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By Murjanatu Abdullahi Kaduna

The National Forum of Ex-Councilors  has called on president Muhammad Buhari to retained the stewardship of inspector General of Police.

Alhaji Auwal Kasim said in a statement and made available to Voice of Nigeria on Monday in Kaduna.

Kasim said “we are calling on the president and commander in chief of Nigerian armed forces to retain the stewardship of IG Mohammed Abubakar Adamu as the inspector general of Nigerian police force” 

 According to him, it would  enable him to accomplish the good works he has introduced in police force.

He said the solidarity Support for IG Mohammed Adamu By national forum of ex-councilors of Nigeria is an umbrella of Nigerian who are professionally inclined in their life pursuits. 

“One golden fact is that we are co mmitted to promotion of values and principles of humility, hard work,transparency and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria,” he said.

“The forum also noted with conscious of the present social, political, economic and security challenges ahead of us as a growing nation, which lead to persistent calls that the president should remove the security service chiefs.

” It is our candid opinion that if those calls stand vindicated in some wings of service chiefs, It is lopsided in the case of Nigerian police force headed by the hardworking IG Mohammad Abubakar Adamu.

According to the forum, Its clear on record that IG Mohammad Adamu has move Nigerian police force to the next level on service delivery. 

They said that his  tenure brought discipline into the operational modules of the force, Training and retaining of its personnels was given the deserve attention.

 “He makes sure that the moral of its pesonnels is given face lift through good welfare packages…… transportation and housing programs for the comfort of its personnels” he said. 

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