Foundation sensitises elderly people on healthy lifestyle

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A non-governmental organisation, Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation (ADWEF), has sensitised the elderly to pay attention to their health by adopting healthy lifestyles and diets. The Founder of the organisation Mr Willie Workman, gave the advice in an interview with the Newsmen on Monday in Lagos.

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Workman said that adoption of healthy lifestyles and diets was necessary to reduce the risk of ailments associated with aging. According to him, people, particularly older ones, should be conscious of what they eat, as diets and lifestyles determine one’s health status to a great extent.

He said that older people should eat healthy foods and regularly go for medical check-ups.

“By taking charge of their health, older people can help to reduce the risks/chances of developing some ailments associated with aging, such as cancer, hypertension, stroke and diabetes. Unfortunately, lots of elderly people live in abject poverty; they have nobody to care or carter for them. Living in poverty can have a devastating effect on health,” he said.

Workman also expressed concerns that there was an increase in hypertension prevalence among aged Nigerians. He blamed it on adoption of western lifestyle, especially in diets.

According to him, studies show that the prevalence of hypertension in adults aged 50 years to 85 years is 73.8 per cent, translating to three out of four older adults having high blood pressure.

Workman said  that adequate intake of water was essential to maintain a healthy life when aging.

“It has been shown that there is dramatic increase in hypertension prevalence with aging. When hypertension develops, it is a risk factor for stroke and sudden death. Intake of salt, fats and oily foods should be in moderation,’’ he said.



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