Group Tasks Nigerians On Upcycling, Waste Sorting

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The Foundation for a Better Environment, FABE, a non-government organisation, has urged Nigerians to increase upcycling and waste sorting as a strategy to curb environmental pollution.

The founder of the organisation, Mrs Temitope Okunnu, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Lagos on Monday.

Upcycling is the act of taking something that is no longer in use and giving it a second life and a new function of higher economic value.

Waste sorting is the process by which wastes are separated into different elements.

Okunnu said that waste sorting would encourage composting and improve agricultural output.

She said that Nigerians needed to start upcycling and waste sorting from their homes.

Waste segregation is when we separate our wastes.

Plastics go into a different bin, food waste into another and other general waste into another bin; then, the person can be rewarded for the separation.

Plastic waste, aluminium cans, and beverage cans can earn money for a person.

Food waste can be converted into compost that can help grow food at home without using synthetic fertilisers or chemicals that affect health,’’ she said.

According to Okunnu, FABE wants to ensure that Lagos is free of plastic waste by converting unused ones into useful products through recycling.

Okunnu said that upcycling was a critical tool at FABE Foundation, adding that it was a sustainable lifestyle.

She said that the lifestyle could be formed from a young age.

That is why we have the upcycling hour where children are taught to upcycle their wastes into creative use.

We know children will not go out and pick trash or sort them out, but we can creatively introduce these things to them; hence, the upcycling hour programme.

We turn tyres to table and chairs, pet bottles to furniture pieces, artworks, and a whole lot of basic household items.

“This is why environmental knowledge and education is key to achieving a sustainable environment,’’ she said.

Mr John Campos, the Chairman of Eti-osa Local Government Area, said that the council encouraged residents to upcycle their wastes to ensure a clean environment.

We encourage upcycling and recycling activities because our aim is to ensure a clean Eti-osa and the entire Lagos State.

“We encourage all communities to adopt recycling and sorting of wastes for a better environment.

“With upcycling and recycling, our women and children will be able to make extra incomes that will improve their livelihoods,’’ he said

Campos added that the local government wanted communities to do more to promote a healthier and clean environment.


NAN/Shakirat Sadiq

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