Malaria killing more people than COVID-19 in Africa- WHO

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The World Health Organisation (WHO)  have said malaria is killing more people more than COVID-19 in Africa.

A public health officer with WHO, Dr. Jerry
Pantuvo said this at a workshop in Yola organised for journalists in the North East on health reporting during emergencies.

He said the attention of the government and health administrators in sub-Saharan Africa have shifted to the battle against COVID-19 pandemic.

Pantuvo said, “Do you know what is killing people now in Africa is Malaria. Because attention has shifted to COCID-19. A disease that just N3,000 can cure, But because attention has shifted to COVID-19, so many vulnerable populations have now been killed by it.”

Another expert with the WHO, Dr. Adiel Apagu, urged the media to draw attention to the government’s neglect of the eradication of some of the well-known neglected tropical diseases.

He said, “When you look at neglected tropical disease, it is not getting the concerns of the developed world because of COVID-19. Malaria is now killing more people, than ever, as COVID-19 gains global attention.”

According to the experts, WHO in its epidemiological outlook for 2021 noted that while uncertainties remain, the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine was likely going to reduce the severity of disease and deaths.



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