Muslim Cleric urges religious leaders to preach against corruption

Zubairu Mohammed, Abuja

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A Muslim Cleric and Chief Imam of Alhabibiyyah Central Mosque in Nigeria, Ustaz Fuad Adeyemi has called on religious leaders to preach against corruption in the country.

Adeyemi who is also the Executive Director of the MacArthur Foundation made the call in Abuja during the unveiling of “Eat Halal, project which aims to educate Islamic clerics with the right information on the dangers of corruption.

The event which was organized by Ahababiyyah Islamic Society had a book presentation; Sermon Guides for Imams, to encourage accountability and transparency through faith-based intervention.

According to Ustaz Fuad Adeyemi the “Eat Halal, project shows Islamic clerics how to speak against corruption using their divine mandate and influence on their congregants.

That project Eat-Fin was indeed first of its kind that deliberately and systematically enrolled in influential religious leaders in the fight against corruption.

 “Unless and until religious leaders take the front stage in the fight against corruption in Nigeria, the nation might just be probing endlessly without positive results.

“We believe strongly that government alone cannot succeed without the input of religious leaders, who command respect and followership across the larger segments of the society, he added

The Chairman of the Foundation, Mr Kolade Shatimma, explained that faith has a role to play in tackling issues that affect the development of any society.

“Faith is not only performing five daily prayers or attending Church services but also the values should be reflected in our day to day activities to move our society forward.

The Assistant Commissioner Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) Mr. Hassan Salihu urged faith-based organizations to champion the crusade of national ethics and integrity.

“The necessity of putting moral values into practice in Nigeria has compelled the Commission in policy making to address unethical behaviour against the country and its citizens”.

“Some of the co values of the National ethics and integrity policies are human dignity, national unity, patriotism, accountability, integrity, professionalism.

“I request the organization to own and respect national ethics in line with religious values, Mr Salihu added

The Head Of Communication And Creative Unit Economic Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) Mrs Nwayimma Okeonu said, the launch of the sermon guide would support the commission’s activities.

“The EFCC is working closely with inter-religious faiths to highlight the public about dangers of corruption, I believe Nigerians are religious people, both Qur’an and Bible prohibit the act of corruption so Nigerians should avoid engaging themselves into this illegal activities.

The Director of the National Directorate of Employment, Abubakar Nuhu, said, the youths who are not properly guided will direct their energies into various forms of crimes that undermine socio-economic development in the country.

“The book, Managing Teen Issues, is not only relevant to the activities of employment counselling initiative of the directorate but also very critical that will key into President Buhari’s Mid-Term economic policy of investing into people, youths and women in the country.