Nigerian artist becomes Gamma’s Vice President for West Africa

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Artist-focused multimedia platform Gamma is expanding to Africa and has  selected Nigeria as its operational headquarters and has unveiled Nigerian songwriter, recording artist, and music executive Larry Gaagaa as its Vice President and General Manager for West Africa.

The artiste-first multimedia platform provides creative and business services across all artistic and commercial formats. With its headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in New York, London, Miami, Nashville, and Dubai, the company expanded its operations to Nigeria.


Its decision to be headquartered in Nigeria its intentions to recognise Nigeria as the continent’s leader in music export.

These actions amplify the foundation of gamma. and its digital distribution arm, Vydia has built in the region, increasing the company’s capabilities and resources and ensuring a two-way exchange of culture and opportunity for artists worldwide.



Speaking on the company’s intentions for the continent, its President for Africa and Middle East Sipho Dlamini stated that they intend to nurture local talents and make them into global superstars. Dlamini also describes Larry Gaaga as one with the historical background and cultural fluency critical to establishing the relationships and resources to help gamma. succeed.

In his new role, Gaaga will oversee gamma.’s operations across the entire African continent. He will be providing strategic direction and spearheading initiatives to develop local talent, ensuring their success both domestically and on the global stage through collaborations and partnerships with the wider group.



Gamma’s CEO Larry Jackson credited Larry Gaaga’s deep understanding of the local music landscapes and his passion for nurturing talent as welcomed additions to Gamma.



In response to his appointment, Larry Gaaga stated that he feels honoured to take on the role of Vice President and General Manager of Africa. He revealed that the appointment for him is a unique opportunity to contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry across the continent, promote local talent, and showcase the incredible creativity and diversity of African artists to the world.



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